Photography Guidelines for Portraiture




The following guidelines will provide guidance to the selection of the most appropriate photo to submit to the IUSM Image Library.

Professional portraits only. “Point and shoot” or badge/ID photos are not acceptable.

  • A gray background is highly preferred and recommended.
  • The subject should wear professional attire. For women, a long-sleeved dress or business suit is recommended. For men, a business suit or sport coat with a tie is recommended. Dark-colored jackets are preferred. Both sexes should avoid complex patterns.
  • Individual portraits should show the entire head and shoulders; no full length or close-ups (subject should be four feet away from the camera).
  • All photography must be in color.
  • Photos must be recent.  A good rule of thumb is to update a portrait every five years.
  • Digital photo files should have minimum dimensions of 1,500 pixels width x 2,100 pixels height, which at 300 dpi will translate to a 5x7 inch printed image. A TIFF (TIF) file format is preferable. JPG images are acceptable, but minimal compression should be applied when they are created. Please, no GIF or PNG images. If you have questions about digital image formats, sizes or compression, please ask us. Contact us at (317) 274-7478 or email us at
  • All submitted images should follow a standard format including the affiliation, name, title and year. No spaces are included in the format, an underline separates key information groups.

Files must follow the format below:
Affiliation_Last name_First name_Title_Year (abbreviated)
Department, Center, Office_Smith_John_MD_12

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